Fiat vox atque vox fuit.
The word of God thundered
The world of God started.

From immense dark in full
Energy was generated light.
The word between voice and light.

Creation had begun in a great vision
Owing to love's full strength
To last forever and in every moment.

Thanks to God's celestial music
Perfect harmony of that diapasonic
Voice generated the impermanency of
Permanent life's musical and visual flux,
Which gave birth to the polisemic
Vocal and sound gamut expressing
The inexhaustible variety of colors,
Moods,scents, shapes and sentiments
In an immense musical theatre.

This, like a natural Grand Opera,
Depicts human and superhuman events
Protagonists of our historical and pre-
Historical heritage and even of our future.

In this cosmic dance of love
The highest expression
Of all natural and supernatural
Clusters of happenings and facts
Is in poetry and music, even if
Poetry owns a music which doesn't need music and
Music owns a poetry which doesn't need poetry.

Like neurocells and receptors in the human brain,
Which is the greatest creation of nature
Now here and no where
Or if you like everywhere, like God,
Manitou, the Universal Holy Spirit, Buddha,
Yaveh, Allah, or whichever name you prefer.

Marco Maria Eller Vainicher